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Consumer Complaint Form

Please fill out the following form to submit a online complaint to Consumer Protection or you can download or print the PDF Consumer Complaint Form.

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NOTE: In order for our office to process your complaint, we will need your
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Online Consumer Complaint Form

The Attorney General of the State of South Dakota and the Division of Consumer Protection have the authority to investigate deceptive or misleading business/trade practices and take legal action on behalf of the State of South Dakota. Neither the Attorney General nor his staff can act as a private attorney for you. This Office is prohibited by law from providing legal advice to private parties. To preserve any private legal rights you have, you may wish to contact a private attorney in addition to contacting our office.
1. Consumer Data

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11. Summary of Complaint

Please describe briefly what you wish to report. Give specific facts in the order they happened with all dates, etc. that you can recall. Please send (through postal mail) copies of any papers involved, such as advertisements, receipts, contracts, canceled checks, bills, financing papers and other documents related to your complaint. These documents will be returned to you upon request.

12. Who referred you to this Office?
13. Would you be willing to testify in court, if necessary?

The Division of Consumer Protection has my permission to send a copy of this complaint to the person or company complained about. I have read the complaint and hereby certify that the information reported is true and correct to the best of my knowledge, information and belief.

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