How Our Office Can Help

If, after a reasonable length of time, you haven't received a satisfactory response to a complaint, you may be able to file a complaint with the Division of Consumer Protection. Have copies of bills, contracts, canceled checks, warranties and correspondence you have sent or received regarding the problem.

When you download a complaint form, please print your own copy, complete the form, enclose copies of any relevant documents, and return the information to the Division of Consumer Protection.

You may also fill out the complaint form online, but be sure to mail or fax the relevant documents to the Consumer Protection Division.

Once we receive your complaint, the following steps are taken:

  • An investigator reviews your complaint.
  • Occasionally, a complaint is referred to another agency that can better handle the problem.
  • Generally, both you and the business are contacted for further information. The business is given 20 days to reply or resolve the complaint. The consumer is kept informed of developments throughout the process.
  • The Division of Consumer Protection may begin an investigation or mediation between you and the business.
  • Complaints may require private legal action by the consumer. Information on Small Claims Court or retaining a private attorney is provided through our office. Consumers should always consider private legal assistance to protect their legal rights.

Your complaint will be kept in our files and will aid in determining the need for further action by our office. Your time in submitting this information is appreciated, and we hope our office can aid in resolving your complaint.

The law can provide only so much protection. The rest is up to you. Know your rights ahead of time. Wise buying can prevent consumer problems. Remember that the best consumer protection against fraud is an alert, informed consumer.