Recent threats of terrorism are impacting many facets of our lives. It is important that the citizens of South Dakota know that their elected officers are taking proactive steps to keep terrorism out of our state. It is also important for South Dakotans to have necessary information to help answer any questions or concerns they might have about state and national security. Our office is committed to making this information available to you and helping you stay safe.

Attorney General Marty J. Jackley and his staff are working aggressively with other state agencies to strengthen our security and insure the well-being of South Dakota. Some specific areas the Attorney General's Office is actively working on:

  • Reviewing legislative options to strengthen or add necessary laws (see "Legislation Passes" press release);
  • Threat assessments and coordinated response planning to terrorist incidents;
  • Training public safety personnel, law enforcement, firefighters, 911 dispatchers, emergency medical services and medical clinics;
  • A proposal to deliver anti-terrorism training to 16 cities in South Dakota;
  • A specialized 20-hour instruction course for airport security officers;
  • Monitoring the activities of fundraising groups related to the September 11 attacks;
  • Enhancing statewide law enforcement intelligence collection and dissemination system related to potential terrorism activity.

Click here to see links to state and federal web sites which provide additional information about terrorism.