Tobacco Enforcement Cases

Tobacco Enforcement Cases

The State has filed actions against 3B Holdings, North Atlantic Operating Company, the Omaha Tribe, Kisanlal Bastarim Sarda, and P.T. Bentoel Prima, for violations of the State's non-participating tobacco manufacturer statute, SDCL 10-50B.

This statute requires tobacco manufacturers that did not sign the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement to establish escrow accounts for potential future litigation.

The State's case against North Atlantic Operating Company has been settled, with North Atlantic establishing the required escrow account.

The case against 3B Holdings has been served and the State is awaiting an Answer to the Complaint.

The Omaha Tribe has filed a Motion to Dismiss the complaint in its litigation.

The cases against Kisanlal Bastarim Sarda and P.T. Bentoel Prima, both tobacco manufacturers in other countries, are in the service process.

These cases are all filed in the Sixth Judicial Circuit Court.

Last Updated: July 5, 2001