Bi-Partisan AGs Encouraging ATF to Further Respect the Second Amendment

Officer Involved Shooting Beresford January 15, 2015, and map

NAAG Letter on Synthetic Drugs February 10, 2015

Officer Involved Shooting Rapid City, December 20, 2014

Officer Involved Shooting Mitchell, November 8, 2014

Challenge to Presidential Executive Order Powers

SAVEAct Letter

Amy and Vicky Act Letter

14-136 Amici Colorado Same Sex Brief

Mercer Decision

Pine Beetle Map - 2014

Govenor's Office Request-Richard Benda

Theresa M. Dashewich Missing Poster - Updated

Officer Involved Shooting June 4, 2014

1971 Union County Cold Case Redacted Search Warrant Affidavits

Walker and Bosworth Legal Documents

2014 Ballot Explanations

2014 Legislative Summary

AG Benda Investigation Filing

Justice Management Institute New Release November 13, 2013

Officer Involved Shooting October 14, 2013

Officer Involved Shooting September 30, 2013

Affinion Membership Programs

Final Letter Sec. Vilsack September 19, 2013

Seq Letter May 14, 2013

Seq Letter August 02, 2013

CDA Sign on Letter July 24, 2013

Officer Involved Shooting June 17, 2013

I90 Assualt Sketch

Missouri v. McNeely - Blood Testing Guidelines

Joint AG Letter to

Missouri v. McNeely

2013 Legislative Summary

Officer Involved Shooting - February 21, 2013

Attorney General Jackley's Corps Position Statement August 27, 2012

Department of the Army, Corps of Engineers Letter August 9, 2012

Attorney General Jackley's Response to Senator Adelstein's Request

2012 Legislative Summary

Officer Involved Shooting - October 17, 2012

2011 Division of Criminal Investigation Annual Report

Officer Involved Shooting - Moody County 2/16/2012

Google Privacy Policy Letter

Officer Involved Shooting - James Baker, 1/12/2012

Officer Involved Shooting - Aaron Thompson, 5-18-2011

Officer Involved Shooting - Scott Mollman, 4-6-2011,

2011 Legislature Summary

Student's Rights and Responsibilities

A Review of South Dakota Drainage Laws

Mountain Plains Evaluation LLC - SD 24/7 Sobriety Program Evaluation Findings Report

Offering of Food For or In Exchange to Induce Voting Letter

Investigation and Report: Officer Involved Shooting - Deputy David Olson, 5-2-2010

Officer Involved Shooting - Thomas Clair Webster, 8-13-2010

Attorney General Marty Jackley’s testimony to the South Dakota State Senate on prescription drug monitoring legislation

Attorney General Marty Jackley’s testimony to the South Dakota State House Judiciary in support of sex offender registration legislation

Attorney General Jackley's Prescription Drug Monitoring Letter

State of South Dakota Application for Recovery Act: Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistant Grant (JAG) Program

Consumer Privacy Rights

Indian Arts and Crafts Brochure

Investigation and Report: Officer Involved Shooting - Officer Fred Baxter, 4-24-2007

Investigation and Report: Officer Involved Shooting - Joshua Thomas Gilchrist, 1-26-2007

Investigation and Report: Officer Involved Shooting - Michael Wayne Croyle, 12-13-2006

Declaratory judgment action filed against Promising Future Inc. and Roger W. Hunt in Minnehaha County, Second Judicial Circuit Court

Agriculture Law - Frequently Asked Questions


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Family Talk: How to talk to your kids about drinking

Senior Handbook 2014

Direct Marketing "Do Not Call" Request

Direct Marketing "Do Not Mail" Request

 SD Criminal Justice Directory

Consumer Handbook | Printer Friendly Version

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