The Office

The Attorney General is the State's chief lawyer and law enforcement officer. He has a wide range of responsibilities. Some of them include:
  • Prosecuting and defending all actions in which the state has an interest, civil or criminal, in the Supreme Court, including all criminal appeals.
  • Serving as legal advisor to the Governor and other constitutional officers.
  • Defending the laws and the Constitution of the State of South Dakota.
  • Serving as legal advisor to many of the State's boards and agencies.
  • Consulting with and advising State's Attorneys, and in some circumstances providing assistance in prosecuting criminal cases.
  • Issuing legal opinions upon the request of the Governor, Legislature, or certain state and local officials.
  • Investigating and prosecuting drug cases and major felonies, including such crimes as homicide, burglary, and kidnapping.
  • Protecting South Dakota consumers from scams and fraudulent activity.
  • Investigating and prosecuting Medicaid fraud throughout the State.
  • Operating the state forensic crime laboratory.

The Attorney General manages 168.5 employees. The office consists of several divisions, including the Division of Criminal Investigation, Legal Services, Consumer Protection, and the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit.

Please Note: State law prohibits the Attorney General or members of his staff from providing private legal advice to the general public. The Attorney General serves as legal advisor for the state officials and certain local officials. PLEASE CONTACT A PRIVATE ATTORNEY IF YOU NEED A LAWYER OR LEGAL ADVICE. Due to confidentiality and security concerns, this office will only respond to inquiries in writing or via email. Please include your name and mailing address in your e-mail.

E-Mail received through this website is not continuously monitored. E-Mail is reviewed and responded to as time and other duties allow. It may be several days before your e-mail message is read. It may take several days after your message is read before a response will be sent either by US Mail or via e-mail. IF YOU REQUIRE IMMEDIATE ASSISTANCE OR YOUR REQUEST IS TIME SENSITIVE YOU SHOULD CONTACT THE OFFICE BY TELEPHONE AT 605-773-3215.