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For more information please visit the SAVIN Website at:

For the directions to register with SAVIN, please visit: SAVIN Registration


SAVIN stands for Statewide Automated Victim Information & Notification. The South Dakota SAVIN program is a free, automated service that provides crime victims with vital information and notification 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This service will allow you to obtain offender information and to register for notification of a change in offender status, such as offender release. All registrations through South Dakota SAVIN are kept completely confidential.

There are no costs for these services and citizens will be able to register in August.


South Dakota SAVIN currently notifies on offenders that have an offense/charge that falls within the statutory requirements of the State Crime Victims Act 23A-28C-1. These requirements were in place at the time the SAVIN program was written.  The list of SAVIN Reportable Offenses can be found HERE. We are working diligently to include all offenses in accordance with Marsy's Law in the future.

The SAVIN system will not be available for juvenile proceedings and victims of juvenile crimes will have to contact the County State’s Attorney handling that juvenile case. 

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