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Criminal Justice Directory

TO SEARCH THE ONLINE CRIMINAL JUSTICE DIRECTORY, please use search functions at the bottom of this page.

This directory continues to be very popular with law enforcement personnel and other entities in the criminal justice system. Updating of the directory remains an ongoing activity of the SAC as the criminal justice personnel throughout the state are continually changing. The online directory is available on this webpage.

Sections included in the Directory are: State Law Enforcement; State's Attorneys; Department of Public Safety; County Sheriffs; Chiefs of Police; Department of Game, Fish & Parks; Other State Regulatory Agencies; County Coroners; Federal Law Enforcement; Federal Court System; State Court System; Clerk of Courts; Court Services Officers; and Department of Corrections.

Updates to the directory can be made via the website. "Search" capabilities were added to the website making the directory more user-friendly.

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Please EMAIL US if you have any changes to submit for the Criminal Justice Directory.


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