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Law Enforcement Officers Standards and Training Commission

Appointment and terms of members:


There is hereby created a Law Enforcement Officers Standards Commission in the Office of the Attorney General. This commission shall consist of thirteen members, eight of whom shall be appointed by the attorney general as follows: one person from the Division of Highway Patrol; one person who is a duly elected, qualified, and acting sheriff of this state; one person who is a duly appointed, qualified, and acting member of a municipal police department of this state; one member who is an enrolled tribal member and a certified law enforcement officer; one person who is a member of the State Bar of South Dakota; one member recommended by the executive director of the Board of Regents; one member recommended by the South Dakota Municipal League; and one member recommended by the South Dakota County Commissioner Association. Two members of the commission shall be civilians appointed by the Governor after consultation with the attorney general. Civilians are defined as a person who is not currently or ever has been a certified law enforcement officer.

Ex officio members of commission:

In addition to the appointive members described in above, the following persons shall be members of such commission, to wit: the chief agent of the Division of Criminal Investigation, who shall serve as chairman of such commission: the special agent in charge, Federal Bureau of Investigation, who is in charge of the district in which South Dakota is located; and the attorney general.

Meetings of commission:

The commission shall hold no less than four regular meetings a year. Subject to the requirements of this section, the chairman shall fix the times and places of meetings, either on his own motion or upon written request of any five members of the commission.