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Government Accountability Board

The South Dakota Government Accountability Board was created in 2017. Pursuant to SDCL 3-24-1, the Board consists of four members appointed by the Governor. Each member is a former or retired circuit court judge or Supreme Court Justice.  Currently appointed to the Board are:

  • Judge David Gienapp, retired (current vice chair)
  • Judge Gene Kean, retired
  • Chief Justice David Gilbertson, retired
  • Justice Lori Wilbur, retired (current chair)

Assistant Attorney General Katie L. Mallery is assigned to assist the Board with procedural matters.

The South Dakota Legislature created the Government
Accountability Board to review and investigate allegations of
misconduct by certain people:
1. Any person holding a statewide office;
2. Any employee of the executive branch of the State of South Dakota government.
Complaints against any other person(s)cannot be considered by
the Government Accountability Board and will be dismissed.

If you wish to file a complaint with the Board, please fill out the Complaint Form, which can be found below, and mail to:

Government Accountability Board
2000 E. 52nd Street North
Sioux Falls, SD 57104

If you have any questions regarding the Government Accountability Board please call us at (605) 367-5881.

Complaint Form

Complaint Procedure

Government Accountability Board Agendas

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SDCL 3-24 State Government Accountability Board statutes

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