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The Criminal Litigation Division

Division Director - Deputy Attorney General Ernest Thompson

The Criminal Litigation Division consists of a Deputy Attorney General and eleven Assistant Attorneys General.


Prosecute criminal cases in the circuit courts throughout the state, primarily major felonies, such as aggravated assaults, kidnappings, grand thefts, and homicides.

The Division becomes involved in these cases in one of four ways:

  • A review of DCI investigative reports leads to criminal charges
    Cases are generated through the work of the Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI). The DCI is the investigative and enforcement arm of the office. Field agents and forensic lab personnel compile investigative reports, which are submitted to the Litigation Division for review. A decision is then made on whether or not to pursue criminal charges.
  • Local State's Attorneys ask the Division for assistance
    Local State's Attorneys often ask the Division to assist in particularly serious or complex cases. Typically, the Division takes the lead role while the local state's attorney reserves responsibilities that cover local aspects in prosecuting the case.
  • Charges span multiple counties
    The Division may become involved when charges span several counties. As opposed to State's Attorneys who are limited to jurisdiction within their own county, Assistant Attorneys General can prosecute criminal charges statewide. In that case, the Division may simultaneously file charges against a single defendant in two or more counties.
  • A crime is committed within the walls of any state correctional facility
    The Division is responsible for prosecuting all crimes committed within the walls of the State Penitentiary and other state correctional facilities.

Contact Information

Deputy Attorney General Ernest Thompson
1302 E Hwy 14 Suite 1
Pierre SD 57501

Other Criminal Litigators/Drug Prosecutors

  • Robert A. Haivala - Rapid City Office
  • Mark Joyce - Sioux Falls Office
  • Jessica LaMie
  • Katie Mallery - Sioux Falls Office
  • Kelly Marnette - Aberdeen Office
  • Robert Mayer
  • Amanda Miiller - Medicaid Fraud Control Unit
  • Lindsey Quasney - Sioux Falls Office
  • Scott Roetzel - Rapid City Office
  • Trevor Thielen - Rapid City Office
  • Alexis Tracy
  • Nolan Welker
  • Chelsea Wenzel
  • Kimberly Zachrison