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Background Check Requirements

The South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation Identification Department is responsible for processing fingerprint based background checks. These background checks are processed one of two ways. The first being State of South Dakota only. This includes background checks for certain employment and self background checks. Fingerprint kits are available at no cost and may be obtained by calling the ID Section at (605) 773-3331. Please see the link below for requirements to get a State Only Background Check.

Requirements: State Only Background Check

The second type is a State of South Dakota/FBI background check. These are legislatively mandated criminal background checks and fingerprint kits are available through the requesting agencies. The requesting agencies consist of, but are not limited to SD Schools, Board of Nursing, Board of Bar Examiners, Division of Banking, and Municipalities. Please see the link below to get a set of requirements for a State/FBI Background Check.

Requirements: State/FBI Background Check

Authorization and Release Form

If you wish to have information expunged from your criminal history or wish to seek a pardon, please contact your private attorney. The statutes explaining the expungement process can be found at Information about executive clemency, including pardons, can be found at