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Background Check Requirements

The South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation Identification Section is responsible for processing fingerprint-based background checks. DCI offers personal, or state of South Dakota background checks, to any individual who is requesting a copy of their criminal history record (Personal Check).

DCI also conducts State of South Dakota and federal background checks for employment and certification/licensing for certain South Dakota agencies that have been approved through state legislation and with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (Request for Agency). If you are completing a state and federal background check, it is suggested to contact your agency prior to requesting a background check to verify your agencies additional requirements for employment or certification/licensing.

For Guardianship applicants: please contact your clerk of courts for further instruction on the background check process.

You can submit background checks one of two ways. DCI now offers online payment prior to fingerprinting with fingerprints being submitted electronically by participating local South Dakota law enforcement agencies. If you choose to pay online, you must submit your fingerprints through a Livescan machine located in South Dakota.You will not be able to pay online and mail in a hard copy card. If you reside out of state or are unable to pay online and submit fingerprints electronically, you will need to submit payment and fingerprints through the mail.

For requirements and instructions on how to pay with check or money order and submit fingerprints through US mail, click here


Click here for the Online Payment Website


Requirements for submitting payment online and submitting fingerprints electronically:

**You will not be able to pay online and mail in a hard copy card. YOU MUST SUBMIT FINGERPRINTS THROUGH A LIVESCAN MACHINE LOCATED IN SOUTH DAKOTA.**

Please contact your local Livescan facility to inquire about submitting fingerprints electronically before proceeding to online payment website.

Create an account and verify your account or log into an already existing account.

Fill out your request form. The required information gathered on the website is the same information that will be entered into the Livescan machine upon fingerprinting.

Agree to the terms and conditions and acknowledge the authorization and release of information form, as well as the Privacy Statement and Privacy Act.

Complete payment. You can pay by credit card or bank account. The fees for background checks are $43.25 for Request for Agency/State and FBI, $26.75 for Personal/State ONLY. DCI does not offer refunds.

Print off receipt and take to Livescan machine location. You will not be fingerprinted unless this receipt is presented. Contact local livescan agencies for information on fingerprinting services provided. Other fingerprinting fees may apply.

You will have access to your background check request and receipt for 10 days after submission. Failure to complete and submit fingerprints within the 10 days, will result in the deletion of information and the request will need to be restarted and another payment collected.


Click here for the Online Payment Website


If you wish to have information expunged from your criminal history or wish to seek a pardon, please contact your private attorney. The statutes explaining the expungement process can be found at Information about executive clemency, including pardons, can be found at

If you are requesting a federal background check on behalf of yourself, you will need to contact the FBI directly for more information.