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Please direct any questions that you may have about Marsy's Law and the information provided below to the prosecuting office that may be handling your case or the county state's attorney office in the county in which you live.  

South Dakota voters have passed Marsy's Law, Constitutional Amendment S, supporting victims' rights. The Amendment received 60 percent of the vote.

With the passage of the law, constitutional requirements must be met including victim notification cards distributed to victims via law enforcement. The Marsy's Card 2018 outlines all the victims' rights and the process to invoke them.  Other information that you may find useful maybe found in the Marsy's Law Brochure:

Marsy's Law expanded the definition of a victim and will require more access to the newly implemented Statewide Automated Notification System (SAVIN). SAVIN System, which was rolled out in August 2016, is a free, automated service that provides crime victims with vital information and notification 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Victims can access the SAVIN website at or contact the call center at 1-844-299-4608.