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Enhanced Concealed Pistol Use of Force Training Program

The following information is provided for individuals who are interested in attending the Enhanced Concealed Pistol Use of Force Training Program. This class is for current, qualified instructors who intend to provide the training required for the Enhanced Pistol Permit. This class, by itself, will not qualify anyone for the Enhanced Pistol Permit.

In accordance with ARSD 2:01:17, a person may attend the use of force course only if the person meets the following requirements:

  1. Is currently certified as a National Rifle Association handgun instructor;
  2. Has a valid South Dakota concealed weapons permit or is a current or retired law enforcement officer in good standing;
  3. Has his/her fingerprints taken by a qualified law enforcement agency; and
  4. Is of good moral character.

The use of force training course is an 8-hour course held by Law Enforcement Training at the Mickelson Criminal Justice Training Center in Pierre, SD. To apply for the course, click on the Training Application Link and the Authorization and Release Form under the information tab. The Authorization and Release Form must accompany the application and applicant finger print cards. Cost to attend the course is $150.00 per applicant.

Note: For information on how to apply for and obtain a Concealed Pistol Permit or Enhanced Concealed Pistol Permit, please visit the South Dakota Secretary of State's webpage at