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Basic Officer Certification

Note: We been closely monitoring the COVID-19 response and we need to change the timeline of this basic training session. For the safety of your officer, our adjunct instructors, and our staff, we are postponing the academy beginning Monday, March 16th.  At this time, we will follow the guidelines of our State Board of Regents who are suspending all on-site classes at our state's higher education institutions for one week. I anticipate this one-week time period to be extended.     

All full-time and part-time law enforcement officers are required to be certified within their first year of employment, including elected officials. Certification is obtained by successfully completing Law Enforcement Training's Basic Certification Course (520 hours).

Law Enforcement Training hosts three Basic Courses per year at the George S. Mickelson Criminal Justice Center located in Pierre, South Dakota.

Officers may also receive certification by meeting all requirements for reciprocity as approved by the commission.

Students in the Basic Course receive training on police polices and procedures, non-emergency and emergency response, criminal investigations, legal aspects and human (social) behavior.  Students must also demonstrate proficiency in firearms, use of force, emergency vehicle operations, and defensive tactics.