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State Only Background Check

South Dakota Requirements for State ONLY Background Checks:

This includes but is not limited to some employment and self background checks depending on the requirements.

  1. A state applicant fingerprint card must be obtained from the DCI. All necessary supplies are available through the DCI Identification Section at no cost by calling (605) 773-3331.
  2. This fingerprint card must be completed to include the applicant's name, date of birth, gender and social security number as the minimum requirements for demographic information. Incomplete requests will be returned to requestor.
  3. The authorization and release form printed on the back of the card or found following the link below, must be completely filled out and signed. Be sure to include the correct address to which the response should be sent.
  4. The fingerprint card must also include a fully rolled set of fingerprints per SDCL 23-5-12.
  5. The individual must take the fingerprint card to his/her local law enforcement agency (Police Department or Sheriff's Office) to be printed. There may be an additional charge by these agencies to cover the cost of fingerprinting.
  6. A check or money order for $26.75 must be sent along with the fingerprint card and signed authorization. Please do not send cash. Please do NOT fold the fingerprint card when mailing them.
  7. Upon receipt of all necessary information, fingerprints, signed authorization and fee, the DCI will conduct a state search and supply a copy of any criminal history that is found, or a letter stating that there is no criminal history. These results do not include federal charges, juvenile offenses (unless charged as an adult), sealed records, minor traffic violations or out of state information. Fingerprint cards will be destroyed and will not be returned with the responses.

Authorization and Release Form