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Basic Telecommunicator Certification Course

The Basic 911 Telecommunicator Certification Program is mandatory for all new telecommunicators within their first year of employment who work for Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP). In addition to those mandated to attend the certification, many individuals choose to attend the course solely because of the excellent training opportunity. Some of those individuals come to us from State Radio Communications and various Tribal Agencies. Law Enforcement Training has welcomed these individuals because we believe it fosters relationships and creates partnerships beneficial back at their home communities.

As part of the certification program, attendees are given hands-on, realistic training they can apply immediately to their positions. This hands-on training includes work on simulation equipment that mimics a call center's work station. Students are given scenarios with mock calls and work on their call taking skill, prioritizing calls, dispatching units to each location, and much more.

Law Enforcement Training offers the 2-Week 911 Basic Telecommunicator Course three times a year. This is an 80 hour course that all dispatchers are required to attend within one year of their hire date. All applicants, including reciprocity candidates, must submit the Basic 911 application along with two blue FBI Applicant fingerprint cards. At the end of the 2-Week course, there will be an optional 3-day Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) course.