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Heroes Wellness Grant

The Office of the Attorney General administers the heroes wellness grants.  These grants are provided to eligible applicants for the purpose of creating, establishing, and developing first responder peer support programs and first responder critical incident stress management programs within the state.  To be considered for a heroes wellness grant, an applicant must electronically submit the grant application between January 1 and March 1 of each calendar year. 

Grant Criteria is as follows: 

 1)  Trainings that meet the objectives for peer support and critical incident stress management that are, or are similar to those, developed by the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation;

 2)  Trainings that focus on all types of first responders;

 3)  Trainings that provide the skills necessary for participants to train others;

 4)  Trainings that focus on the inclusion of volunteers;

 5)  Trainings that allow for virtual access or participation on nights and weekends; and

 6)  Trainings that include ten or more participants.