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Attorney General Barnett Warns Consumers About Paving Scams

Paving Scam

(Pierre) – Paving scams are among the most common cons during the summer season warns Attorney General Mark Barnett.

“Transient pavers are known for applying inferior products that look good but are not high quality. The driveway might look good for a week, but soon grass will be coming up through the pavement,” said Barnett.

The scam artists will usually pitch their service by claiming they just happened to be in the area and noticed that some work needed to be done, or they’ll claim they have left over supplies from a project and are willing to give a discounted price. These contractors might also ask for an up-front fee to buy materials, and then never return to do the job.

“My office has already received calls this season about suspicious pavement contractors. So, we know they’re out there, and we want consumers to be on the lookout and to know their rights,” said Barnett. 

Barnett offers the following advice for steering clear of scams. Ask the contractor for references and a tax license.  Confirm that the contractor’s phone number and address are legitimate, and obtain a contract that indicates a definite start and completion date for the project.  Under South Dakota law, consumers have a three-day right to cancel any contract made in their home.

“There are plenty of quality contractors in South Dakota, so be wary of transient pavers,” commented Barnett.

Contact the Consumer Protection Division of the Attorney General’s Office at 1-800-300-1986 with questions or concerns about transient pavers.