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More than Our Governor


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE :     Tuesday, September 29, 2015
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More than Our Governor

PIERRE, S.D – On April 19, 1993, Walter Dale Miller became South Dakota’s 29th Governor.  His service as Lieutenant Governor (1987-1993) along with his experience in the State House of Representatives (1967-1986), which included positions of Majority Leader and Speaker had prepared him to lead our State in our time of need.  South Dakotans knew they had a strong and passionate leader beyond his elected positions.  His years as a Meade County Rancher and loss of his first wife Mary Randall had taught him to overcome life’s challenges.  He had raised four wonderful children, Randy Miller, Renee Johansen, Karey Albers, and Nancy Burma.  His marriage to Pat Caldwell gained South Dakota a first Lady that made us all proud, and completed his family by including his two step children Cade Caldwell and Rebecca Bauer. 

Governor Miller guided us through the tragic state airplane crash, the flood of 1993, and times of prosperity in which he improved our State’s education and the Rural Development Telecommunications Network.  In South Dakota there is hardly a day that passes where we do not benefit from the laws he forged during his lengthy service in the legislature and as Governor. “I have lost more than my Governor and home town legislator, as have so many South Dakotans I have lost a true friend,” stated Attorney General Jackley.