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South Dakota Supreme Court Affirms Lewandowski Murder Conviction


PIERRE, S.D. - Today the South Dakota Supreme Court affirmed Jason Paul Lewandowski's conviction for the 2015 murder of Jeremy Hendrickson.  Lewandowski broke into Hendrickson's home at night and shot Hendrickson in the head in front of Hendrickson's wife and child.  A jury found Lewandowski guilty of first-degree felony murder and burglary. 

Lewandowski appealed his conviction claiming that his confession to the shooting had been illegally obtained by investigating officers.  The South Dakota Supreme Court rejected Lewandowski's claim in light of evidence that Lewandowski was read his Miranda rights and had spoken freely with investigating officers.  The court also noted the "overwhelming, independent evidence" supporting Lewandowski's guilt, including the eyewitness testimony of Hendrickson's wife and statements Lewandowski made to family after the shooting that he had killed Hendrickson. 

“While this tragic case has come to an end, Jeremy Hendrickson’s family remains in our thoughts,” said Jackley.   “I would also like to thank the investigators and prosecutors for their tireless effort to bring justice.” 

Lewandowski is currently serving a life sentence.