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House Judiciary Committee Passes Attorney General Bills

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2023
CONTACT: Tony Mangan, Communications Manager, 605-773-6878

PIERRE.S.D.  – Three South Dakota Attorney General bills were approved Wednesday by the House Judiciary Committee.

The committee approved Senate Bill 46 which is aimed at protecting elections by establishing the crime of perjury when circulating a petition and making material misrepresentations under oath; Senate Bill 48 which would enhance the penalty for attempted first-degree murder of a law enforcement officer; and Senate Bill 50 which would revise the crime of witness tampering and provide prosecutors with a clearer authority to charge someone who correctly influences witnesses.

“These three bills protect the integrity of our petition process, our law enforcement officers, and witnesses,” said Attorney General Jackley.

The bills have already been approved by the Senate and now go to the full House. If approved there, the bills would then go to the Governor for her possible signature.

“We appreciate the consideration that our bills have received this entire legislative session, and we look forward to the discussion by the full House,” said the Attorney General.  

 All of Attorney General Jackley’s sponsored bills can be found here: