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Attorney General Jackley Presents Proposed Office Budget To Joint Appropriations Committee

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, Feb. 1, 2024

Contact: Tony Mangan, Communications Director, 605-773-6878

PIERRE, S.D. – South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley Thursday presented the Attorney General’s Office’s proposed $38.8 million fiscal year 2025 budget which includes funds to create a new Digital Investigation Unit and to hire an additional forensic scientist.

Attorney Jackley made the yearly budget request to the legislative Joint Appropriations Committee. Final state budget decisions will be made later by the committee and then be approved by the full Legislature.

“This budget request provides the resources needed for the Attorney General’s Office and its programs to protect the people of South Dakota,” said Attorney General Jackley. “We appreciate the support of the Governor for including our proposals in her state budget request, and we ask for legislative support.”

The office requests $405,000 in general funds to create a new unit that will focus on digital evidence investigations. The unit will utilize existing FTEs with additional costs for training, certification, equipment maintenance, and software needed by state Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) agents who will specialize in digital evidence investigations.

Attorney General Jackley is requesting only one new full-time position this year and that is for an additional forensic scientist. The scientist will specialize in firearms and toolmarks in an effort to meet the increasing demand of firearms-related cases in South Dakota. The office has requested $117,142 in general funds for the creation of the new position.

Seventy percent of the proposed budget ($27.2 million) is earmarked for the DCI and Law Enforcement Training. Another 30 percent ($11.6 million) is allocated for department attorneys, legal services and other programs.

The proposed budget would include 49 percent in state general funds, which is the same as last year; 36 percent in funds that come from fees and settlements, and the other 15 percent from federal government funds.

See the budget slides here: