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Robo-Call Scam Warning

Robo-Call Scam Warning 

PIERRE, S.D - Attorney General Marty Jackley is again warning South Dakotan consumers of a Robo-Call scam that has recently surfaced in the state. The Consumer Protection Division reports that consumers are receiving automated calls from a local number that is fake or “spoofed.” “Spoofing,”or masking the Caller ID information, leads the consumers to believe that the call originated locally when, in fact, it is coming from out of state or even overseas. 

The Consumer Protection Division has received multiple reports of this scam from various reputable businesses, including South Dakota banks and hospitals. 

Attorney General Jackley warns all South Dakota consumers to be extremely cautious when asked for personal or financial information over the phone. The best course of action for any consumer receiving a call asking for this information is to hang up the phone and call the source yourself to verify the call and information requested. 

If you are on the do not call registry and would like to report this scam you may do so by filing a complaint online at   For further information about this scam you may contact Consumer Protection at 800-300-1986.