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Parents Matter Campaign Goes Online

Parents Matter Campaign Goes Online

People looking for ideas to curb underage drinking and driving can now find a clearinghouse of information online.

Today the South Dakota Department of Public Safety, in conjunction with the Department of Human Services and the Attorney General’s Office, is unveiling its "Parents Matter" website.

The website supports the "Parents Matter" campaign the state agencies kicked off earlier this summer. People who visit the site will find South Dakota’s underage drinking statistics, crash statistics, South Dakota laws on drinking and resources for talking to kids about alcohol.

"Since we launched the campaign, we’ve received a great deal of interest from people looking for ways to stop underage drinking and stop drinking and driving," said Secretary Tom Dravland, Department of Public Safety. "This website gives them one more tool, and provides us with an opportunity to coordinate efforts." 

Visit the "Parents Matter" website at The website can also be accessed by visiting either the Attorney General’s or the Department of Public Safety’s website and clicking on the "Parents Matter" icon.

"Parents Matter" is a campaign designed to curb underage drinking and drinking and driving. The state developed it in response to the high number of underage drinking and driving fatal crashes in South Dakota this year.