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South Dakota Attorney General and State Division of Banking Warn Consumers of Identity Theft Scam

South Dakota Attorney General and State Division of Banking Warn Consumers of Identity Theft Scam

PIERRE, S.D. - Attorney General Larry Long and Roger Novotny, Director of the Division of Banking for the South Dakota Department of Revenue are warning South Dakota consumers about a possible phone scam which lures victims into giving their personal identifying information. 

These fraudulent phone calls include individuals posing as employees of state agencies claiming that they have found the consumer’s personal information over the internet. To add credibility to the call, the con artist does not ask for personal financial information during the first call but will do so in a follow-up call. State agencies such as the South Dakota Division of Banking and the Consumer Protection Division do not directly contact consumers nor do they maintain personal financial information for consumers. Although the scam has yet to surface in South Dakota, Attorney General Long says consumers should be cautious.

"This is just another persistent attempt to gain access to personal identifying information," said Long. "If you have been contacted by anyone requesting such information, hang up and immediately call either the financial institution in question or the agency they are claiming to be." 

According to Director Novotny, scams such as this one are continually evolving, and it’s in the consumer’s best interest to be prepared so they know how to handle the situation should it arise. 

"Scammers are constantly developing new mechanisms to get at our personal information. I caution all South Dakotans to protect their identity," Novotny said. "Do not divulge your personal information unless you are absolutely certain you know and trust the party with whom you are doing business."

Consumers and financial institutions should notify the Consumer Protection Division at 1-800-300-1986 or the South Dakota Department of Revenue and Regulation, Division of Banking at 605-773-3421 if they receive any of these suspicious phone calls.