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Barnett Unveils New Safe Schools Website

Barnett Unveils New Safe Schools Website

(Pierre) – In an effort to help prevent school violence in South Dakota, Attorney General Mark Barnett today unveiled his new Safe Schools website. The site, spurred by school violence in other states, serves as a library of resources for educators, parents, and students. "We’ve tried to put together some of the best resources available on a wide array of subjects relating to school violence, including information on prevention, bullying, and warning signs just to name a few," Barnett said. "This information comes from some of the foremost authorities in the nation on school violence issues."

The Safe Schools website contains information on over thirty subjects and dozens of links to documents and other important information. The site is also sorted into categories for specific users, including parents, students, communities, school officials, and law enforcement.

"I view it as absolutely critical for South Dakota to provide a safe environment for our children to learn," Barnett said. "Education is a top priority in South Dakota; school violence ought not distract from our mission."

Barnett encourages parents, educators, and students to use the site and welcomes suggestions and additions. "This site is a work in progress. We will work to keep it updated and welcome your comments and additions," Barnett said.

The Safe Schools website is located at or can be accessed through the Attorney General’s website at