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Attorney General Warns South Dakotans of E-Mail Scam


(Pierre) – Attorney General Larry Long is warning South Dakota e-mail users to be cautious of a phony mass e-mail that has been circulating in the state. The e-mail implies that the consumer’s credit card has been charged for $234.65 for a transaction associated with money laundering or child pornography. The e-mail then asks you to verify the transaction by answering yes or no and then submitting your credit card number and expiration date. By submitting this information, you would be allowing these thieves to use your credit card numbers for personal gain.

“This is clearly a scam to extract credit card numbers from those unsuspecting consumers,” said Long. “Our advice is to delete the message.”

Consumers with complaints or questions about this type of scam are encouraged to contact the South Dakota Division of Consumer Protection at or 1-800-300-1986.