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Adult Website Billing Scams

Adult Website Billing Scams 

(Pierre) - Attorney General Larry Long is warning consumers about fraudulent internet bills sent by adult websites. 

"We have received numerous complaints from consumers about fraudulent bills for adult internet services," said Long. "Consumers should report any suspicious bills or invoices for internet services to the Division of Consumer Protection immediately." A similar scam was recently uncovered in New York. Federal authorities arrested three men, including a mobster, on various charges arising out of their adult content offerings. Thousands of consumers were charged for visiting internet sites that had been advertised as "free." After logging onto the site, consumers found that their computer had been disabled and that they were unable to get out of the site. 

According to Long, consumers in South Dakota are encountering similar scams. Consumers are filing complaints alleging that they are being billed for adult content they never ordered or authorized. One consumer received a bill for internet services despite the fact that she does not even own a computer. 

The bills state that the consumer is being charged for adult content. "We hope that this does not prevent consumers from contacting us because there is a good chance that the bill is part of scam and is not a legitimate bill," Long said. "We really need consumers to contact us with any information they have on these internet scams so that we can prosecute the scam artists." State Attorneys General are currently investigating these scams. 

Please contact the South Dakota Division of Consumer Protection at (800) 300 1986 if you have any information about potentially fraudulent internet bills or invoices.