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Consumer Reminder - Filing Deadline Claims Settlement

Consumer Reminder
Filing Deadline Claims Settlement

(Pierre) – Attorney General Mark Barnett issued a reminder today that time is running out for those eligible to submit claims for refunds from an antitrust settlement his office reached with Mylan Laboratories, the settlement amount was $100 million dollars and involved all 50 states. Mylan Laboratories was accused of orchestrating illegal price fixing for the generic drugs lorazapam and clorazepate, both used to treat Alzheimer’s and anxiety.

The filing deadline is September 29, 2001. Consumer claim forms and more detailed information about the settlement and legal rights of consumers can be obtained by calling toll free 1-800-899-5806, or online at

If consumers have problems contacting the company, they should call the South Dakota Attorney General’s Office Consumer Protection Division at 1-800-300-1986.

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