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Attorney General Mark Barnett Provides Update on D & J Glass
Attorney General Mark Barnett Provides Update on D & J Glass

 (Pierre) – Attorney General Mark Barnett reports that the state is in the process of shipping about 10,000 items to 4,700 individuals across the United States.  These people had previously sent items to D & J Glass in Sioux Falls for repair.  D & J Glass was operated by David and Marche’ Jasper, who have been charged in state court with grand theft and selling mortgaged property. David Jasper has charges pending in federal court relating to the operation of D & J Glass.

Our office received over 1,400 formal complaints from customers of D & J Glass, and there are thousands more victims beyond that.  Customers sent Jaspers items with the expectation the items would be repaired and returned to them; unfortunately in many instances this was not the case.  

One of the most significant developments is the successful recovery and return of this property belonging to the former customers of D & J Glass.  Barnett says “These items were moved by Jaspers from SD to South Carolina where the Jaspers were arrested this past July.  I have one DCI Agent and 2 of my staff people from the Consumer Protection Office currently working day and night, in South Carolina, to send 10,000 heirlooms and family treasures back to their rightful owners.  It will cost us about $70,000 from the fraud fund, to get these items back to their original owners.  It is hard to place a value on many of these items; some are generations old and have significant sentimental value; many are worth a lot of money.  Several victims have called our office in tears just asking for us to get their property back for them.”

It is our goal to have all the items returned to their rightful owners within the next couple weeks.  Hopefully that will be the end of a long nightmare for the owners, and for us. Barnett also said “the Jaspers are cooperating with his office to return the items.”  An October 15 trial date is set for Jaspers.