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State to Dismiss Murder Charges in Union County

State to Dismiss Murder Charges in Union County 

PIERRE, S.D.-    Attorney General Larry Long announced today that the charges pending against David Lykken in Union county for the murders of Pamella Jackson and Cheryl Miller will be dismissed.   "The investigators have determined that a significant piece of evidence against Lykken was fraudulently manufactured by Aloysius Black Crow, a former cell-mate of Lykken, and a third inmate.  Black Crow tape recorded a conversation between himself and a third inmate, who pretended to be Lykken, and admitted to killing Jackson and Miller.  Black Crow then gave the tape to law enforcement and told them that the voices on the tape were Black Crow and Lykken."

Although Black Crow's testimony was not the only evidence on which the charges against Lykken were based, the State has decided not to proceed with a trial at this time. Therefore the charges will be dismissed on Monday, February 25, 2008.