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New Senior Citizen Handbooks Available

New Senior Citizen Handbooks Available

 (Pierre) -Attorney General Mark Barnett is unveiling the newest edition of the South Dakota Senior Citizen Handbook.

“My staff has been updating the handbook for several months. We’ve implemented new information concerning consumer scams, identity theft, and gifting clubs,” commented Barnett. “This handbook is just one of the methods my office uses for informing the senior population.”

The book also includes information about Medicaid and Medicare qualifications, estate planning, Social Security, and legal services.  Over 6,000 handbooks have been mailed to assisted living centers, AARP chapters, senior citizen centers, Social Services centers, and nursing homes across the state.

“I hope this handbook will help senior citizens take their life one step closer toward a happy and productive life as one of South Dakota’s best (senior) citizens,” said Barnett.

The senior handbook was put together through the cooperative effort of the South Dakota Office of Adult Services and Aging, State Bar of South Dakota, State Division of Insurance, State Division of Securities, State Department of Social Services, Social Securities Administration, and the Attorney General’s Office.

For a copy of the South Dakota Senior Citizen Handbook, contact the Consumer Protection Division of the Attorney General’s office at 1-800-300-1986.