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Anti-Terrorism Update From Attorney General Mark Barnett

Anti-Terrorism Update From Attorney General Mark Barnett

(Pierre) – Attorney General Mark Barnett said today that his office is:

  • Reviewing terrorism legislation from around the country for potential ideas that would increase security in South Dakota;
  • Preparing threat assessments and planning coordinated responses to terrorist incidents;
  • Training public safety personnel, law enforcement, firefighters, 911 dispatchers, emergency medical services, and medical clinics;
  • Working on a proposal to deliver anti-terrorism training to 16 cities in South Dakota;
  • Monitoring the activities of fund raising groups related to the September 11 attacks;
  • Enhancing statewide law enforcement intelligence collection and dissemination system related to potential terrorism activity.

The Office of the Attorney General, in conjunction with other state offices, has already developed a specialized 20-hour course of instruction for airport security officers. The program will be implemented throughout the state starting this month.

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