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Open Meetings Commission

The South Dakota Open Meetings Commission was created in 2004. By Law (SDCL 1-25-8), the Commission consists of five attorneys appointed by the South Dakota Attorney General. The following attorneys are currently serving on the commission.

  • Emily Sovell, Sully County States Attorney
  • John Steele, Aurora County States Attorney
  • Cassie Wendt, Butte County States Attorney
  • Mark Reedstrom, Grant County States Attorney
  • Kevin Krull, Meade County States Attorney (current Chair)

Assistant Attorney General Steven Blair is assigned to assist the Board with procedural matters.

Open Meetings Commission Agendas

Frequently Asked Questions: Open Meetings Commission Procedure

2017 Open Meetings Brochure

Summary of Past Decisions of the Open Meetings Commission (Through February 28, 2019)

No Merits Abstracts (Current Throught February 28, 2019)

State's Attorney Requrements

Open Meetings Commission's Meeting Minutes


Open Meetings Commission Decisions