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State Public Records: South Dakota statutes regarding public records and requests can be found on the South Dakota Legislative Research Council webpage, SDCL ch. 1-27.  

Disputes regarding public records are subject to an administrative proceeding governed primarily by the Office of Hearing Examiners, a separate agency of state government. An overview of the resolution process for public records disputes is provided by the Office of Hearing Examiners. The statutes referring to the public records dispute process can be found at SDCL 1-27-38 through 1-27-43. These statutes can also be found on the South Dakota Legislative Research Council webpage.

Federal Public Records: Any request under the Federal Freedom of Information Act should be directed to

Requests for Public Records held by the South Dakota Attorney General's Office: Any interested party can make a request for disclosure of documents or records from public entities. For public documents or records held by the Attorney General's Office, the Attorney General's Office requires that formal requests for public records be made by mail in hard copy form. Requests for records in any other form, such as oral or via email, will not be construed as a formal records request pursuant to SDCL 1-27-37. Our contact information for formal records requests is as follows: 

Office of the Attorney General
1302 E Hwy 14
Suite 1
Pierre, SD 57501-8501