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Simply put, quackery is the promotion of a medical remedy that doesn't work or hasn't been proven to work. It sells false hope and preys on people with diseases that usually have no medical cure.

Medical quackery sells items such as medical devices, mattress pads, bracelets and herbal remedies. These items claim to cure diseases and improve physical appearance. Although the claims might sound convincing, most of the gadgets have not been tested by competent medical authorities. In some cases, such remedies have caused people to become gravely ill or addicted to the product.

It is important to be skeptical of medical sure-cures and to consult your doctor before trying any new form of treatment.

Other tips for avoiding quackery are:

  • Be skeptical of advertisements claiming a "miracle drug" or other device will cure your ailment;
  • Only follow the advice of qualified medical professionals, don't listen to friends or salespeople pushing miracle cures;
  • Consult with a physician before starting any weight loss or exercise programs, some diet plans may cause health complications.

Medical quackery is usually only after your money. Miracle cures are nothing more than a scam.

The best medical advice is that received from a doctor.