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Attorney General Marty Jackley

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South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation State Forensic Laboratory
Mission Statement

The South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation State Forensic Laboratory (SDFL) is dedicated to providing forensic science services to the law enforcement and judicial systems of South Dakota in the specialties of computer examinations, serology/DNA-CODIS, fingerprint-AFIS, firearms-NIBIN/toolmarks, and trace microscopy. The SDFL will continually strive to ensure the quality and reliability of its laboratory data through the use of established methods and procedures which are adequately documented. The SDFL quality system will strive to ensure that functions are performed as intended, in accordance with good laboratory practices.

The SDFL will maintain an open and honest relationship with all parties of law enforcement and the judicial system. Examiners participate in ongoing field investigations by conducting crime scene searches, performing photography, and providing other on-scene scientific and/or technical services as necessary. Examiners will make every effort to provide a timely, scientifically sound, accurate, and as complete a report as possible.

Personnel within the SDFL will make every effort to foster support and trust among fellow employees, management, and user agencies. It is important that all employees emphasize a dedication to excellence and ethical integrity when working for the people of South Dakota.