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Drug Asset Civil Forfeiture

SDCL 34-20B-70 provides that certain property is subject to forfeiture when it is being used for the possession or distribution of controlled substances or marijuana. A vehicle is subject to forfeiture if it is used to facilitate the transportation, possession or concealment of any illegal controlled substance or eight ounces or more of marijuana. Furthermore, any asset is subject to forfeiture if it is proceeds of the distribution of controlled substances or marijuana. The vehicles and other assets are then used by law enforcement or are sold and deposited into the drug control fund. The drug control fund is used to fund drug enforcement programs throughout the state.


Sources Quantity Seized (Gross) Amount Awarded to Drug Control Fund (Net)
Vehicles 88 $269,515.92*
Cash $859,803.05 $1,064,994.08
Firearms 56 0
# of seizures with Misc. items 7 0
* received from sale of vehicles or buy back of vehicle by owner

Uses of Drug Control Fund Monies

Personnel costs related to Byrne/JAG Match (Prosecutors, Agents) $538,189.87
Travel costs related to Byrne/JAG Match $28,137.93
Contractual costs related to Byrne/JAG Match $35,984.74
Contractual costs related to Statewide Drug Testing (Drugs,UA) $99,310.75
Contractual costs related to Investigations (Tow Bills, Vehicle Maint, Traning) $137,841.69
Supplies related to Byrne/JAG Match $4,804.32
Supplies related to Investigations (Fuel, Tires, etc.) $22,270.39
Grants to Local and State Law Enforcement for Investigation $688,119.60
Assets related to Byrne/JAG Match $53,095.00
Drug Buy Funds to local task forces and drug investigators $124,500.00
Total $1,732,254.29


Aberdeen PD/Brown Co SO $ 35,000.00 Canine and Canine vehicle
Brookings PD $ 49,700.00 Chevy Tahoe, mobile computer and canine vehicle
Campbell Co SO $ 10,000.00 (2) body worn cameras, (1) in-car camera
Campbell Co SO $ 4,200.00 (1) AR 15 Assault Rifle, (1) lightbar and (1) boy armor set
Chamberlain PD $ 7,600.00 Purchase and Training of New Canine
Clay Co So/Verm PD $ 6,338.91 Motorola Camera with Drug Recognition Expert Eval
Codington Co SO $ 9,690.00 (9) FirstVu HD Chest Body Worn Cameras
Corson Co SO $ 35,000.00 Replace Existing K-9 Unit Vehicle
Deadwood PD $ 39,751.80 Chevrolet Silverado w/Radio, Lighting and Rear Topper
Dewey County SO $ 24,555.00 (3) Watch Guard 4RE In-Car Camera Systems
DCI $ 2,334.00 Fencing Project at the Brookings DOT
Flandreau PD $ 4,015.00 Joey2 Surveillance Voice Transmitter
Grant Co SO $ 1,538.00 (2) Pair of Vortex Viper Binoculars
Groton PD $ 3,373.27 (3) X26P tasers, holsters, battery packs and cartridges
Hot Springs PD $ 6,360.00 (8) WatchGuard Vista HD Body Worn cameras
Jackson Co SO $ 4,147.70 (2) 26P tasers and accessories (3) flashlights, (3) EotechSights and (2) rockriver arms
James Valley Drug Task Force $ 22,394.15 Objective Gunner Protection Kit
Jerauld Co So $ 4,500.00 Canine Equipment
Lake Norden PD $ 5,500.00 Watchguard In-Car Camera Systems, Radar System, PBT and Equipment
McCook Co SO $ 15,887.00 (7) HD Body Worn Cameras "Stand Alone" System
Meade Co SO $ 7,567.36 (1) set of Scorpion Stinger spike strips
Minnehaha Co SO $ 4,125.00 Narcan Reversal Kits - deputies out in the field
Mitchell PD $ 4,680.96 Repair work done on armored vehicle damaged during Kimball Standoff
Mobridge PD $ 10,426.00 Audio Surveillance Equipment
Mobridge PD $ 40,000.00 Canine Program
Murdo PD $ 1,395.00 In-car camera system
Oglala Lakota Co SO $ 16,684.00 (2) Getac B300 Ultra Rugged Laptops (2) Martel DC3 Digital Cruiser Camera Systems (2) Axon Body Worn Cameras
PCSO $ 3,500.00 National Drug Interdiction Training Conference
PCSO $ 43,411.75 Encrypted car and handheld radios
SDHP $ 43,800.00 Eight (8) Panasonic Arbitrator MK3 Digital In-Car Camera Systems
SDHP $ 13,875.00 185 Narcan Overdose Reversal Kits
SDHP $ 13,000.00 (2) vehicle kennel inserts and (4) in-car temp control units
SDHP $ 10,250.00 National Drug Interdiction Training, Reno, NV
SDHP $174,000.00 (30) Panasonic Arbitrator MK3 Digital In-car camera Systems
SDSU PD $ 6,164.70 (15) Taser Axon Body 2 Body Worn Cameras (6) Spare Batteries
SFPD $ 5,450.00 (1) Nomex Level III ballistic raid Vest (2) Avon FM 53 Gas Masks (2) Gentex Ballistic tactical helmets
Spearfish PD $ 25,000.00 Toward the purchase of a vehicle for detective
Stanley Co SO $ 1,100.00 (2) cameras with lens and tripods
Tea PD $ 3,614.00 (1) GETAC Mobile Computer (1) Heat Sealer and Bags (3) Cell Phone Call Recorders (2) Cameras
Union Co SO $ 5,537.00 (6) Watchguard Vista HD Body Worn Cameras
Walworth Co SO $ 13,000.00 (4) Smith and Wesson AR-15 Assault Rifles
Watertown PD $ 23,639.00 (26) Taser Axon Body Worn Cameras
Webster PD $ 2,721.00 (3) Watchguard Vista HD Body Worn Cameras
Whitewood PD $ 12,610.00 (2) Watchguard Vista Systems, Drug and UA Kits
Yankton PD $ 25,000.00 Vehicle for Narcotics Enforcement