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Drug Asset Civil Forfeiture

SDCL 34-20B-70 provides that certain property is subject to forfeiture when it is being used for the possession or distribution of controlled substances or marijuana. A vehicle is subject to forfeiture if it is used to facilitate the transportation, possession or concealment of any illegal controlled substance or eight ounces or more of marijuana. Furthermore, any asset is subject to forfeiture if it is proceeds of the distribution of controlled substances or marijuana. The vehicles and other assets are then used by law enforcement or are sold and deposited into the drug control fund. The drug control fund is used to fund drug enforcement programs throughout the state.


Sources Quantity Seized (Gross) Amount Awarded to Drug Control Fund (Net)
Vehicles 58 $113,894.13 
Cash $1,446,439.57 $1,261,378.98 
Firearms 10 $
# of seizures with Misc. items 10 0
* received from sale of vehicles or buy back of vehicle by owner

Uses of Drug Control Fund Monies

Costs related to Drug Prosecution and Enforcement  
Personnel costs (Prosecutors, Agents and support) $386,523 
Travel Costs (investigations, training, Sturgis Rally) $39,929 
Contractual Costs (computer services, telephone, rent, tow fees, etc.) $288,632 
Supplies (office supplies, postage, fuel, etc.) $27,533 
Assets (computer hardware, computer software, etc.) $1,299 
Total Costs Related to Drug Prosecution and Enforcement $743,915 
Contractual costs related to Statewide Drug Testing (Drugs, UAs, Byrne/JAG Grant Paid $334,000) $13,653 
Grants to Local and State Law Enforcement $537,865 
Drug Buy Funds to Local Task Forces and Drug Investigators $137,500 
Total Uses of Drug Control Fund Monies in CY 2020 $1,432,933 

**Final Totals are updated by April 1 of the following year


Aurora County Sheriff's Office $1,399.00 Tasers and Cartridges
Canton PD $12,000.00 Tasers, Holsters and Cartridges
Deadwood PD $6,482.40 Digital Radios
Hughes Count Sheriff's Office $4,194.00 Axon Body Cameras
Jackson County Sheriff's Office $4,180.22 Tasers
Whitewood PD $1,150.00 Rifle and Mount
Campbell County Sheriff's Office $6,390.00 In-Car Radars
Lincoln County Sheriff's Office $7,500.00 Office Equipment
Martin PD $3,880.50 Axon Body Camera Systems (4)
Minnehaha Co States Attorney  $7,182.87 Electric Discovery Hardware Updates
Mitchell PD/Jamies Valley DTG $29,019.00 iRecord Universe Four-Room Recording System
Lake Norden PD $8,000 Crimestar RMS Software, Ballistic vest, Digital Camera 
Jerauld CO SO $3,340.00 EZ Rider K9 Transport System
Stanley County SO $669.89 Cannon EOS Rebel T6 DSLR Camera Package
Corson County SO $45,000 Canine Vehicle and K-9 Insert
South Dakota Highway Patrol  $24,408 27 Milwaukee M-Spector Flex 360 Tool Kit, Vehicle Inspection Scope Cameras
Charles Mix County SO $42,755 8 Patrol Witness In-car Camera Systems and 8 Body Camera Systems
Hayti PD $5,620 WatchGuard 4RE System
Brule Co SO $3,140 4 Watch Guard Vista HD Camera Systems

 *Grants are posted upon return of receipts