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Opinion NumberTitleHtml VersionPDF Version
19-03OFFICIAL OPINION No. 19-03 Requests for a Variance from County Subdivision OrdinancesHTML IconPDF Icon
19-02OFFICIAL OPINION No. 19-02 Autopsy Report Exempt from State Public Records LawsHTML IconPDF Icon
19-01OFFICIAL OPINION No. 19-01 Commencement of Term of Office for a Combined County OfficeHTML IconPDF Icon
18-03OFFICIAL OPINION No. 18-03 County Commission’s Role in the Division of a Township HTML IconPDF Icon
18-02OFFICIAL OPINION No. 18-02 Competitive Bidding Requirements for Water Tower Painting and Maintenance ContractHTML IconPDF Icon
18-01OFFICIAL OPINION NO. 18-01 Farming, Altering, Fencing, or Otherwise Obstructing or Altering Section-Line HighwaysHTML IconPDF Icon
17-06OFFICIAL OPINION NO. 17-06 The Subpoena Authority of the State-Tribal Relations Committee of the LegislatureHTML IconPDF Icon
17-05OFFICIAL OPINION NO. 17-05 The Formulation of Business Improvement Districts and Assessment MethodsHTML IconPDF Icon
17-04OFFICIAL OPINION NO. 17-04 Requirements for Formulation of a Business Improvement DistrictHTML IconPDF Icon
17-03OFFICIAL OPINION NO. 17-03 A sheriff’s authority to accept gifts and to unilaterally amend the county’s insurance policy to insure that giftHTML IconPDF Icon
17-02OFFICIAL OPINION NO. 17-02 Whether “vote trading” and “vehicle bills” are prohibited HTML IconPDF Icon
17-01OFFICIAL OPINION NO. 17-01 Related to civil proceedings, ordinance violations, traffic offenses, and Sexual Assault Response Team meetings HTML IconPDF Icon
16-02OFFICIAL OPINION NO. 16-02 Release of information and records under Article VI, § 29 HTML IconPDF Icon